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UX design for amusement & non-profits

Dalandan Concepts is pleased to announce affiliations with several vendors to help you get great deals. Here are the promo codes:


Stay focused on productive tasks

Freelancers do not naturally have a very sharp distinction between work and home life. When personal internet use becomes a distraction, use RescueTime Pro to block out all distracting sites. They also have a free version which tracks your productivity. I started using RescueTime's free version shortly after Dalandan Concepts started and upgraded to their Pro version in February 2013.

Use RescueTime Pro on a solo plan or a team plan, and start becoming more productive today. See all plans here.


Web hosting

This site is hosted on DreamHost. Referral link and coupons for DreamHost:

Please contact us via email or Twitter if any of these codes do not work.